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August 7th, 2018, 9:55 pm


OBT Returns August 9th! (+Patreon integration)

Hey everybody! I've finally gotten around to completing the 5+ page buffer for Patreon, which means OBT will be returning this coming Thursday! Due to my school schedule for the next year, we'll be updating on Thursdays for the time being. Now that there's a buffer, we can hopefully stay out of hiatus for a while (but no promises, my life has been kinda wild and unpredictable lately)!

As for other news, OBT now is adopting a new style to save time! It shaves a couple of hours off of what it usually takes to draw a page, so it's easier for me to get pages out for you guys. Hopefully you all will like it, I've updated the main cover of the comic to reflect on the update so you can get a taste of what it's like. (If you don't like it that's. unfortunate. I'm not switching back anytime soon.)

As for Patreon integration on the site, if you currently are one of my $5+ patrons, you can access up to 5 pages ahead of schedule (or $20+ can see all pages as they're completed!). While you can go straight to Patreon for these pages, you can also log in with your account straight from here to view the pages directly on Smackjeeves! This can make it easier to see where you left off without having to sift through other Patreon content.

I'm excited to return with the comic, and I hope you all are excited too!

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